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omg, now I know who wrote this *squeee*
I've read it back then on the kink_meme and I was waiting for it to show up so I could mem this properly:)
so HOT and just the perfect kind of twisted. I'm so happy I can put a name to this amazing piece, thank you for sharing!

my only question is: have you written anything else? I might have read a sick!sex fic that you linked to on the kink meme but I could be wrong stalking off

Thank you :D yeah I wrote a fever!sex fill for the meme, it has also been edited and I'll probably post it later this week. There's also a steampunk AU, which is very long and still in the process of being written, but I've started posting it to FFnet. The link to it is posted on my journal (I'm on my phone right now so I can't do a link here). That'll get posted here eventually too.

This was hot as hell the first time I read it on the kink meme and damn, its still hot. Fisting is not a kink of mine but I like the way you wrote it.

Thanks so much, glad it was worth another read! I have a thing for fisting, but only when it's done in a loving/trusting way, so I'm happy that came across.

Ohmygod, this hits just so many of my kinks in just the right places--rimming, barebacking, felching, fisting--Holy, this is gorgeously filthy and yet just so beautifully written at the same time. *whimpers*

Love this so, so much--!! *and now I'm off to my bunk* C;

:D clearly we have similar tastes! I haven't read many fisting fics in this fandom so I felt the need to write my own. Thank you for the kind words :)

OMG i love this story! everything about it is amazing
you should totally write a sequel, just saying ....

Hee, a sequel is in the back of my mind, but I have several other things to finish first. It may happen at some point!



i'm not one to like fisting in any way -- like blaine, i find it kinda violent, but you succeeded in making it appealing here haha. must be the sorta romance that came with it. ;) this story hot as hell, especially with all the rimming *sighs*

Aw, thank you for giving it a shot despite it not being something you usually like! I'm glad it ended up working for you :D

Fucking amazing and some amazing fucking! This was awesome and so so so hot. If you choose to write more, I will totally be on that bandwagon!

I do have some more stuff coming, thank you for the encouragement :)


I have loved this since it was first posted in the kink meme thread, but now it's all in one post and it's been polished, I think I love it more than I previously thought possible.

You are too kind, thanks for liking it enough to read again!

Just omg. This was so hot... I can't even...

I am honored to receive the exploding ovaries gif on one of my first forays into smut. Thank you!

This is one of my favorite fills from the kink meme, and I'm so glad I now have a name to tell how much I adore it! Fisting has never really been my thing, either, but you wrote it so well that it just didn't matter.

It's got such a fantastic mix of emotion and kink to be just the right amount of hotness.

Honestly, it's a real contest as to whether I love this, or your Puppy Blaine fluff more!

<3 <3 <3

Thank you so much! I love a heavy dose of emotions with my kink, so it makes me really happy that you liked that aspect of it :) oh gosh that puppy fill was written on my phone, usually when I couldn't sleep, and it kind of cracks me up that people like it so much!

There are no words for how amazingly hot, sexy, well-written, and overall glorious this fic is! :D I read it while it was on the kinkmeme, but it's even more incredible now. I love your attention to little practical details: Blaine having to go out into the dorm bathroom wearing Kurt's robe, washing his hands, the babywipes, all the prep, asking about being clean, the complexities of fitting your fist inside someone's ass. Plus, you really do an incredible job highlighting the absolute fixation that Blaine has with Kurt's ass; the manner in which you write how he worships it, your descriptions, everything. It's all just completely stunning and 100% smoking hot.

What I really love is that you highlight the potential for intimacy and trust in an act like fisting, which isn't usually a kink for me. How very much care and trust there would have to be for such a potentially uncomfortable or painful act, turning it into something caring and passionate and lovely. Just... I love this so much. Just the right amount of humour and fun in combination with smoking hot porn! <3 <3 Wonderful job!

!!! You! And hobbits clapping! Thank you for such thoughtful feedback, you've pointed out everything I hoped to portray in this little fic. I've been a lurker and havent commented much, but I love your kink meme fills because you're able to turn them into realistic worlds while staying true to the prompts. The little details are my favorite parts to work in, to give the filthy smut some grounding in reality. I really appreciate your feedback, so THANK YOU!, and I'm really tickled that all these people who dont normally go for fisting have liked this :D

I guess most kinks have the potential to go either way, in terms of being violent/dubcon or an act of complete trust, but I really haven't seen much "Oh god I love you, let me put my fist in your ass" in the Glee fandom so I wanted to fill the void. (I promise that wasnt intended to be an awful pun...)

Lol! Me! XD Hello! It always surprises me when people have read my stuff, aha. Thank you! I'm delighted that you've enjoyed my kinkmeme fills. <3 Another one should be coming tomorrow or the day after! (And I have been, no lie, waiting for a fic incredible enough to deserve my hobbits clapping gif. XD I love them so much little hobbits akehdiegkufvgeskhfkjne.)

(Also, reading your other responses to comments and awkebdiaegsdioje YOU WROTE THE FEVER SEX TOO I LOVED THAT FILL ADNAWVDUWDIGWIBIV!!!!!!!!!!! I am a terrible person at commenting on fills when they live on the actual meme, I'm sorry! I always comment when they're posted up on LJ though, aha, I don't know why. What is my brain. My apologies. <3)

Completely with you regarding the potential for kinks to go either way, lovely, which is why sometimes unexpected things make my heart soar on that meme. <3 The kinkmeme makes me so very happy for this reason!! And I LOVE YOUR PUN AHAHAHA amazing. XD

I think I'm going to go rec this on tumblr, actually, because it's so bloody hot I've been thinking about it all morning. \o/

New fic! What! Yes! I am friending you to keep tabs on you (that sounds nefarious, sorry).

I can't believe you remember that other fill :3 The edited version will be posted as soon as my darling beta has a moment to give it the go ahead. I am just horrible at commenting in general, though now that I'm actually posting things I'm resolved to be better about it!

A tumblr rec! Thank you so much <3 I don't do the tumblr thing because I have such a hard time following it. I hate the way it posts threaded replies on top of each other with every new reply... why can't it just post the most recent? Because then I'm scrolling through the same conversation repeated 50 times in a row and I go argggh and shut the tab. ANYWAY. Thanks for the rec XD

if you'll excuse me, i have to go take a cold shower now.

Ugh, they're both so hot in this and I just can't even. *_____* Yes, please.

Thank you! That means a lot coming from you :D I've been awful at reviewing but I've loved everything I've read from you.

Wow, just wow. Really well done.

Guh! I'll be in my bunk, thx.

Oh, retreating to the bunk... the highest of praise XD Thanks!

Nnnghh. I can't even -- just -- nngh.


Ughhh, so good. And the last sentence is a real killer.

So glad I found this gem again. Just as good the second time. Hot, hot,hot and sweet. Great combo.

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